About Us


The "Joueurs de Flûte" Orchestra is one of the most universally acknowledged and well recognized flute groups in Italy.

Founded in 1997 by Mariangela Biscia, "Joueurs de Flûte" gradually went from being a group of Mariangela's students, to a group well known for their artistic prowess, both in Italy and abroad.

The group is made up of successful soloists, winners of first prizes in both Italian and International competition, who have also performed in some excellent orchestras (Regio Theatre of Turin, Rai Symphonic Orchestra, Philharmonic '900, Tuscany Regional Orchestra, Lyric Theatre of Cagliari, Philharmonic Orchestra of Parma, and also others).

Their prolific concert performance has led them, not only to become involved in renowned musical associations, both in and outside Italy, but also to participate as special guest performers at special musical events such as "Flautissimo", "Falaut Festival – International Festival of Flute", "Festival S.Gazzelloni", "British Flute Society Convention 2010". In the summer of 2011, they performed at the "National Flute Society Convention" held in Charlotte (NC, USA).

Up to this point, the group has recorded two CDs sponsored and published by the musical revue FALAUT in 2005 and 2009, featuring several well-known soloists (R. Guiot, M. Marasco, C. Lefebvre, A. Adorjàn).

The group's objectives range from performing concerts to furnishing valuable resources for cultural associations and schools such as clinics on the construction and maintenance of instruments, classes on flute lessons and orchestral performances, and lessons in the form of concerts, etc.. Some musical learning projects have been carried out with the precious cooperation of the genius Maestro Trevor Wye.

The orchestra uses every instrument in the flute family: Piccolos, C flutes and E Flat Soprano flute, Alto Flutes, Bass Flutes and Contrabass Flute. The group's creative originality stimulates some composers to write music especially for them. Since they have a large range of styles and timbres, they have a continually growing repertoire

Serena Aimo

C Flute

Arianna Airaldi

Alto and Bass Flute

Manuela Barp

Piccolo and C Flute

Mariangela Biscia

Alto Flute

Rossella Cappotto

C Flute

Emma Chiaramello

C Flute

Marco Chiaramello

Piccolo and C Flute

Maurizio Davico

SubContrabass Flute

Andrea Manco

C Flute

Claudia Mandrile

Bass Flute

Alessandro Molinaro

C and Bass Flute

Sara Rinaudo

Piccolo and C Flute

Emily Rostagno

Alto and C Flute

Belinda Liane Seamon

Alto Flute

Alberto Vaccarino

Contrabass Flute